Q&A: Can you lose weight by sucking in your stomach?

Question by : Can you lose weight by sucking in your stomach?
I am not looking for an answer that says it is only to make your stomach look smaller. Once my mom told my you can build muscle there by holding it in and it makes you more toned. She may have also said that it helps you lose weight(she was not calling me fat fyi) I know there is a yoga move that involves it. Any advice?

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Answer by antoniojr1995
If it builds muscle then you lose weight

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  1. ♥♫ Never Too Late ♫♥ May 1, 2013 at 7:33 am

    No. Unless you sucked in and out constantly, but you’d look pretty stupid

  2. It helps with posture. If you can remember to pull shoulders up and back, pull up the head, the next step is drawing in the abdomen. One with a large abdomen can’t really do that and make a difference in appearance. Maybe, trying is an isometric exercise. It isn’t weight loss, just a redistribution of the waist circumference at best.

  3. Dominican809 May 1, 2013 at 8:57 am

    Everybody says its like crazy but it seems to work i guess it sculps your body because my friend said he was gonna do it, i didn’t believe him but he used to suck his stomach in, in the middle of math class and now he has abs. go figure

  4. you don’t want to strain your abdominal muscles by flexing them all day. you normally use them while walking and running. your abs keep your upper torso connected to your hips.
    in your daylie life if you are have to walk for milse on end and are walking for hours a day your abs are getting plenty of work. shur when you are laying down relaxing. you can do 1 or 2 min obliuq holds. to tone your obliqes. if your using walking for hours. then you are using your abs.

  5. The Dolly Lammy May 1, 2013 at 9:41 am

    Hello…the answer to your question is very simple and it will help improve all aspects of your life…it works like magic, and that is simply learning to breathe properly. It is called conscious diaphragmatic breathing…you fill your tummy with breath before you fill your lungs…by pushing out your tummy you pull down the diaphragm which elongates your lungs which takes in more oxygen and you pull in your tummy to push up your diaphragm to push up your lungs and let out more carbon dioxide. Not only will this strengthen your tummy muscles, but it will also help with stress, anger, fear, frustration, weigh problems, anxiety and memory recall…in other words, this simple exercise, done as often as possible will help you with virtually every stress related problem you might face on a daily basis….Pass this on to all of your friends and your parents and it will the greatest gift you can possibly share with them. Good luck, and you can go to our website for extensive breathing information: http://www.thedollylammy.com