Q&A: Any tips on starting over and eating healthy?

Question by Tinkerbell77: Any tips on starting over and eating healthy?
I decided that my family and I need to start eating healthier. The only problem is I need healthy recipes, healthy snack ideas etc. I, myself, am looking to shed 30 pounds and would like to be my ideal size by summer. Any suggestions or tips would be wonderful? Thanks!!!!

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Answer by Clay P
Cook up lots of beans & organic whole brown rice that you can feed off of all week.
I suggest doing some exercises that get the legs moving, such as walking, jogging, running, swimming or bike riding.
These exercises that really get your heart pumping will burn the weight off quickly.

I like push ups, yoga stretches, pull ups, crunches, curl ups, leg stretches, calf raises, and squats as far as being good toning exercises that use no equipment and cost zero money to perform.

I like taking some dumbbells and doing some easy bicep curls, military presses, and lateral raises.

I think diet is important also and try to eat healthy home-cooked meals with lots of vegetables in them.

I try to stay away from the pop and sugar, candy, and fast food.

I try to get a good night’s sleep each night.

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