Q&A: Aerobics, cardio, yoga, dancing, where do I start?

Question by Eva D: Aerobics, cardio, yoga, dancing, where do I start?
I’m a beginner in exercising, dancing, all of these in general. I want to get fit, maybe lose some weight, gain strength, flexibility and of course, learn how to dance. I’m interested in both making my body look better and feeling stronger and healthier, but not anything close to body building. What should I start with? Is there anything unnecessary? Can I combine any of those daily?

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Answer by Katelin
If you are just beginning a new exercise regime, I recommend you start slow. Ease yourself into an exercise routine or it may not last. Pick one to begin with. If you love to dance and really enjoy it, begin with that. It may take the chore out of exercising. After a while, you can then incorporate different exercises along with it. Just make sure you ease into your plan, and enjoy doing it if you want it to last.

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