Q & A: Where can I find your comments on Five Tips to sleep and stay asleep?

issue by dfpickett1 : Where can I find your comments on Five Tips to sleep and stay asleep Now you tips on falling asleep and staying asleep, where can I find Best answer:

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Wait while I found this article for you … Also, here is my conseilsIl could be stress, or other thoughts keep you éveillé.Je think it’s important to you to go get in the bed, under your routine even if you do not feel sleepy. It takes discipline to make you go to bed on time. I found that routine is key. Get into a routine bedtime and stick to it. I always read that the TV is very bad to go to sleep. It’s too challenging for you to get really sleepy. Other activities that are less challenging can really bother you down and help you go to sleep. These are activities such as reading or word or number puzzles. I love SUDOKU is lightweight and tough and really tires my brain so that I go straight to sleep when I turn off my light lecture.Certains foods can help you go to sleep … drink a little milk is good if it is hot or cold. There are teas that are decaffeinated that are good to drink a little before going to bed, I think it is chamomile (hours of sleep). Doing something soothing such as rubbing the hands, arms and legs down with a soothing lotion is relaxing and can help you relax. Some lotions are specially designed for this: the bedtime lotion Johnson & Johnson.Certains sounds and scents are also relaxing and help you relax. Sometimes I go to sleep listening to a classical CD very low, or the sounds of nature, as the sound of the ceiling fan up help me fall asleep. Smell as nice bedtime lotion is very relaxant.C ‘ is important to be in a good state of mind when you try to go to sleep. Do what you can to get into that mindset. Meditation or yoga can be useful as well to help “calm the mind.” Avoid eating or drinking foods containing caffeine before bedtime and drugs that can keep you éveillé.Je would encourage you to try some of these things, or find some of your own things to do that are relaxing and make you into the bed of a certain time every night and make you stick to a routine for bedtime. Before long it will feel more natural (like second nature) and it will be much easier for you to go to bed on time and get more sleep. This will also help you feel more rested.

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