Q & A: What exercises help your endurance race?

issue by DeeRay : What exercises help your endurance race I am a beginner cross country if I cover at least a couple of miles a day, but I’m having struggling to build my endurance, and I feel very uncomfortable when I run. What is the correct form for the race? Also, is there any type of workout or diet plans that I could do next to my race to help strengthen the appropriate muscles Best answer:

reply by Ana
work on your cardiovascular is the only way to increase your stamina. To do this, you can do a variety of exercises that need not involve race. Indeed, the excess of operation can be harmful to your tibia (as evidence in the army). You can do some low impact exercise while working on cardio like swimming and cycling. I also want to eat food that is loaded carbohydrates to give you the boost of energy you need. I still disagree with the Atkin’s diet as a long-term solution, because the body begins to feed on protein and fat for energy that can lead to ketoacidosis. Well, you’re not trying to lose weight.

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  1. Swimming and cycling are low impact and will save your knees

  2. Running will also build your endurance.Travailler your heart every day. If you have weak core, you get tired quickly. It helps keep your posture straight while running, allowing your entire body. You tired more vite.RĂ©gime food rich in fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, even organic mieux.Comme someone mentioned, cycling and swimming help aussi.Bonne chanceK

  3. Film form: pump your arms close to the body (do not let your elbows pointing outwards). Your arm movement should be from top to bottom (as opposed to side-to-side/across your body). Relax your muscles in the upper body as much as possible. It will restrict your breathing if you squeeze hands in fists. Land as lightly on your feet than possible.D other exercises: swimming and cycling are great to help your endurance. Both exercises are efforts throughout the body (such as running). Yoga – believe it or not! – Also useful. It is ideal for a stretch after the race. It helps you to regulate your breathing and it also strengthens the muscles.Si you have an iPod, watch Yogamazing. Chaz is great – he has developed a routine specifically for runners.