Q & A: What are some good stretching exercises and how I can I reduce pain after a workout?

issue by Smiles (derailed) : What are some good stretching exercises and how I can I reduce pain after a workout So, it’s like a two in one question and I wanted to include both the main question in case someone knew the answer to one and not the other. Basically, I have not been very active in around six last month. I want to start exercising and become more flexible (it’s a weird way to say it?) But I do not want to go on the treadmill immediately. I prefer to do simple exercises until my horribly wooden and stiff legs get used to the traffic for long periods of time. (Is this a good way around?) So there specific stretching exercises that can help me do what I want to do faster, or do I just … Stretching It brings me to my second question. Once I * do * move treadmilling, I know I’m going to experience the pain all because my body is not used to all that physical activity. In the past, it is this pain that made me willing to stick to a routine. I know. I am Escapist. How can I reduce this? This exercise is not really to lose weight or anything, it’s to get my legs in shape, maybe cut my legs and generally actif.Mes final overcome in 12 hours . I love everyone in the world today Best answer:.

response simone
Try some yoga. You do not have to go to a class because there are many yoga videos and usually a show of yoga 1/2 hours is still on some cable channels. Yoga is more difficult than you might think, but very rewarding and satisfying. It will improve and work your strength, balance and flexibility. I think yoga will actually help these two issues you raised, but the pain makes me wonder if maybe you do a little more when you start. Increase your time or distance on a little slower treadmill. Maybe start walking at a fast pace for a week or two. And if you decide to try yoga then try one of the TV shows to see if you like it and do just one hour session half for beginners every day for a while. As I said, yoga is more difficult than you might think, this is not just relaxing and stretching.

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