Q & A: Does anyone have an example of a yoga routine?

issue by paintmeblue719 : Does anyone have an example of a yoga routine I used to do yoga, and I know it was great exercise, but I can not remember the moves. Does anyone have a routine that they would not mind sharing? I’m looking for something with cardio and muscle toning aspects. ! Thank you Best answer:

response momish
The best routine is the best known of yoga sun salutation. It is a series of exercises designed to tone the entire body. You can find them in any yoga book or on the Internet. It is best to do a yoga refresher course if you are out of touch not to hurt you when you exercise.

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  1. You can go to http://www.iyogalife.com or http://www.yoga.com theyhave and routines you can do there. Also, if you go to the library you can get magazines like Yoga Journal iYogalife or … they have routines too. If you can get your hands on the latest issue of months (maybe 2 months ago) of SELF magazine, one with Jennifer Aniston on the cover, there is a great yoga workout session where the combines cardio and gymnastics with it …..