New Exercises/Yoga..?

Question by Cathryn Elizabeth: New Exercises/Yoga..?
I want to do new exercises or start hot yoga. I want to be leaner. Are there any good exercises for abs (I’m already doing crunches), how do I make my thighs thinner without adding muscle? (the workout I’m using now just adds muscle), and how do I make my arms thinner without lifting a weight like I am now?
Links would be helpful and videos would be of even more help.
Also any Yoga moves that help these areas of the body would be nice too.
Thnx 🙂

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Answer by Suamme33
Hot yoga is amazing. Try and find a hot flow class–those are the best! But Bikram is really good for strength and you build up your endurance because of the heat. For abs, do planks and side planks. Also, you can do crunches on one of those balls that you see at the gym. It’ll add more of a challenge to your core.
Here’s a yoga sequence that I really like. Chair pose is amazing for your legs.

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