Never taken yoga classes before, best way to start doing yoga at home?

Question by Britany: Never taken yoga classes before, best way to start doing yoga at home?
I’ve never done yoga, aside from doing it at my house. I watch Dr. Melissa West on youtube, and do her exercises. I don’t have any other options, really.

The only kind of yoga classes that are offered in my area are bikram classes, and I have no interest at all in trying bikram, and can’t afford to really spend my money on yoga classes, anyway.

I realize that there’s a huge difference in having someone actually teaching you, and trying to learn yourself. But I don’t have much to work with, unfortunately.

Any suggestions on how to get started with do it yourself yoga? I like the videos I’ve been doing. I always feel very relaxed afterward, and can tell that my muscles are loosening up a bit from doing it. So is that good enough?

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Answer by andy c
It’s unwise to do it unsupervised.

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  1. Yoga is about keeping fit and healthy, eat good wholesome food, do regular exercise, swim, long walks, keep good thoughts for peace of mind. Bye a good book or go on line to a Yoga link. If you join a yoga club it just means you’ll be mixing with like minded people. Doing your house work is a good exercise like making the beds vacuum cleaning, gardening even mowing the lawn. Good luck.

  2. Hi there, these are pretty good results, although you can get infinitely more from it if you continue to practice regularly. I know dr. Melissa West and I like her videos also.

    There are some myths out there and I hear people all the time saying that you can’t do yoga at home, you need a teacher, you need to go to a classes blah, blah bla etc. Let me tell you this, you don’t need a teacher, (ok, at lest when you want to just do it for fun and stay healthy, may be you need if you go really deep on it, and I mean when you want to start learning the spiritual path or and to be a qualified teacher etc…) but for other purposes is perfectly possible to do yoga at home every day and maintain yourself healthy and happy without a need of a going to a class. I am talking from a personal experience. I have done this for years and I continue doing it today.

    Here is a website dedicated specially to a yoga at home practice. Click to this link to access:

    And don’t listen to people telling you about hurting yourself, if you are careful you will never be able to heart yourself, I am tired of people saying all the time you can hurt yourself from yoga…as if yoga was some sort of an extreme dangerous activity….of course you can heart yourself even while doing anything harmless at your home like cooking or ironing if you are not careful right?

    Here are some really helpful tips to start your yoga practice at home that helped me a lot:

    1. Enjoy your practice,

    2. Exercise half of your capacity

    3. Don’t practice until exaction, that way you will derive a great health benefits from your yoga practice and you will end up relaxed and energized.

    4. Relax when you do the postures

    5. Don’t strain or go beyond your limit!

    6. Focus; don’t let your mind to wonder around.

    7. Focus on the breath, never sacrifice the breath for a posture. If a posture is too challenging is better to remain sitting but keep breathing!

    8. If you feel an asana is too difficult leave it. Build your strength and practice over time!

    9. Don’t do sharp movements

    Hope that helps.

    Joy to You 🙂