Mumbai cops get fitness guru to sharpen wits, tighten guts

Welcome to the House of Fire – Bikram’s Yoga Metrotown -interview with Sharad Khare
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Welcome to the House of Fire! Bikram’s Yoga Metrotown interview with Sharad Khare

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Mumbai cops get fitness guru to sharpen wits, tighten guts
For four months, Mehta has been busy training Mumbai's cops and their sessions include power yoga, martial arts and other physical exercises along with sessions in psychological counseling, stress management, diet and hygiene Not only is the training …
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Holistic holiday stress reduction tips |
Stretch: Start out each day with a stretch, and for those of you who know yoga, perform the surya namaskar. This just takes 2 minutes, and it helps relax and ground you for the rest of the day. Soak: Take a daily hot bath or soak in a sauna instead of …
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Exercise helps you stay calm, fend off mental demons
“That was my go-to stress outlet while he was gone.” Her husband, Stacy, returned … If he's not training for a triathlon, he's likely to take several classes a week including power yoga, indoor cycling, swimming and boot camp. “I love the people I'm …

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