Morning Yoga Routine to Wake Up

Here is a sequence of yoga poses I enjoy doing to get my body to wake up. Try this get to the blood flowing. It will help you increase flexibility and reduce…
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9 Responses to “Morning Yoga Routine to Wake Up”

  1. Yes, Tia. Start to make it a routine. You can do it.

  2. Phew! This is tough for me in the morning! But eventually I will get used
    to it if I do it every morning, right?

  3. Thank you this will help us soo much for meditation we loved the video 🙂
    keep posting please hehe

  4. Try these yoga poses to get your body moving and feeling alive.

  5. I doubt this individual meant to mark anything as spam. By reading her
    comment. it’s highly unlikely she meant to do so. One time I hit the
    dislike instead of the like on someones video and felt terrible. It
    happens. ( Btw. great video it is, and I’m going to try this tomorrow
    morning since I’m off work. Thanks )

  6. Thankyou. Weirdest thing. I woke up this morning after getting back into
    working out and having DOMS when I woke up. Just thought to myself I’d look
    on You Tube to find a small yoga sequence to keep me flexible and came
    across this, fantastic. Just enough yoga to wake me up and get ready for
    the day thank you!!

  7. Why do you put my video down as spam? If you think it’s brilliant. I’m just
    trying to help others out with good exercise.

  8. thank you for the great comment. I’m glad it could help out. I have a yoga
    sequence for night coming soon.

  9. That’s great Rosshana. Sorry, I didn’t get back to you sooner. Thanks for
    finding me. I host weekly webinar classes to help others continue their
    practice for flexibility.