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question twilight_obsessed : the weight loss tips I am 14 and I weigh about 124 pounds. It is NOT absolutely horrible, but the little-I’d lost weight around the stomach, tighs, and face. I used to go to the gym, but we leave because I never had time for it. My goal is to be around £ 115. Are there any decent yoga videos that I could use to get there in about half the year or less? There mesh eBay Another method. I eat Healthy Foods and regular, nothing totally unhealthy. I want to have maybe the video that is arounf 30-45 minutes long, because I DO NOT have all night, I have homework and other obligations. I just want the video or anything that requires equitment, and something I could back in my room. Any suggestions would be great! ! Thank you Best answer:

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Try eating more fruits and vegetables instead of other fatty Foods Such cum junk food, cookies, or high calorie Meals . Like most people (I’m guilty sometimes!) You likely have brainwashed yourself into thinking that fast food tastes better than healthy food, but it is NOT Quite true! Try eating more Grapes, clemintines Pieces potato Vanilla yogurt (good for sweet cravings!), Blueberries, hummus (it Sounds gross, but it really is NOT, especially with Wheat thins or Food Should taste good any brand chips cereal I like Personal Vegetable Garden or chocolate flavored), granola, low-fat yogurt, low fat string cheese, whole wheat Bread LITE 100 – calorie popcorn bags of corn / kettle, steamed broccoli with Garlic butter sauce etc.. I also nibble on South Beach Diet oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, they are good and pretty healthy! And eat slowly. Take one stumble at a time, Chew completely, then latching Another stumble. If you eat more slowly, you ‘ll Become FULLER FASTER, and you’ ll NOT be too manger.Intégrer more exercise into your daily life. Take the dog for a 20 minute walk, do jumping jacks while watching TV, do laps in the block, home or elsewhere. Do NOT site too long. If you can, get a gym Membership. I use the elliptical for 30 minutes 5-6 times the week and it works very well for moi.Et NOT eat from boredom! This is a bad habit to break, Believe me. Whenever you feel like eating, watch a movie without a commercial Breaks jump DO NOT have time to get up, call a friend, read a book or magazine, or out of the house, away from food. Recently I lost weight about 20 pounds, and it has really helped me preparing my meal. When I Planned and what I eat, and ensures that the number of calories was 1400. It knits eBay different depending on your needs, but never go below 1200! Whatver a roof, a roof letter grades deviate from your plan. Write it all down or type it and leave it on your computer DO NOT Forget a jump, this is what I fais.Et note “diet.” Because When you go on your “diet”, you ‘ll find all the weight you lost quickly, Believe me. Instead, the “Healthy Lifestyle schools.” You’ll never get to your “ideal” body by eating crap food and cystine around, NO matter how Much you want that to Happen. It Takes dedication to get the body you want! Mark like a game How Much weight can I lose? Prove to yourself what you ‘ll get a voulez.Mais you enable the cheat day every now and then. Life is too short If a restriction your body of all the “Good Foods”, you ‘ll explode one day and eat everything in sight Trust May One last thing:.! Once Become a thinner, DO NOT Think you! can eat what you want now all the weight back a summary, which is absolutely humiliating, especially after all the hard work of perdre.Bonne luck I hope it Helps (:

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