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Now that my back is feeling half way normal again, I can get back to my yoga routine. Which means that I am also back to my nightly laundry routine. I either do a hot yoga or "power" type yoga that results in a good workout and a lot of sweat. So typically before I go to bed, I do my laundry.

Jacqueline Fernandes gets Aishwarya Rai's trainer
Training in yoga with Deepika helped me with my flexibility and stamina. I am continuing with her classes three times a week and training in an advanced form of Ashtang Yoga,” says the actor, who has also trained in gymnastics for her stunts in the film.
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Yes, I am a serial entrepreneur and I consider myself a “chic geek.” I founded Pocomaru after many of my travels abroad. Upon my … I also practice hot yoga — the heat helps keep my mind clear. Finally, grab my favorite bottle of wine. Anything that …
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