Kundalini Yoga

I Love Yoga! There are many different types and my favorite is the kundalini. I must admit That it’s weird, but it’s addictive and will produce results very fast! Not only That, but people have said it has cured diseases such as thyroid disease and even infertility. The raw veganism is a great tool to have in your arsenal of health! I highly recommend Ana Brett and Ravi Singh Kundalini Yoga. Read the comments on Amazon or go to their website: www.raviana.com I was not paid to talk about or Their products. I really like ’em! I bought all of Their DVDs that i own (like a bajillion) with my own money. Btw, I am a Christian and I do not Normally of the song that is used in this type When You of yoga. I prefer to say a prayer before workout. The song is not necessary: ​​o)

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  1. michael tescher January 31, 2013 at 6:00 am

    Such a yogini beautiful! look at my photos on flickr funny yoga by a member handsonsexyfeet enjoy michael

  2. Physical health is a prerequisite to Kundalini yoga, not a goal.

  3. I want to find what works well with you. Everyone has his way with the trip to the Big Being.

  4. Go ahead, but read other sources. I practized Kundalini Yoga (Yoni Mudra). I had doubts about my guru was not a true guru, but teqnuiques were correct, as they were described in the same Upanishad. Later I discovered a true India gourou.Parfois even a frog can be a guru. You need a solid body for Kundalini Yoga, Wich can be dangerous. Not everyone is qualified to yoga and especially Kundalini. Required can be connected to the spirit, mind, and even on the body.

  5. Yes, but true Yoga has only one goal, Wich is the yoga itself. When you arrive, you get too moksha (videha-moksha is the maximum you can expect in this age, but you could even become a jivan-mukti, at least in theory). What is important is to understand what you do not even yoga, but the preliminary exercises. Yoga begins as soon as you have a relaxed body and saine.En other words, you must be relaxed and healthy BEFORE practizing Yoga.

  6. (2/2) Yoga means “to join” or “unite”. The goal of all yoga is to unite all of the above. Some schools overall objectives are to improve the health (physically, spiritually and mentally) and some are achieving Moksha. I respect all of these ways! I think Ana & Ravi are great because they are that spirituality into the mainstream and allows it to be accessible. Without them, I never heard of kundalini yoga and would never focused on the spiritual / mental in my practice.

  7. (1/2) If real kundalini yoga is harder than I do, I can not imagine! Thank you for sharing. I know that many people have problems with DVD yoga and yoga are considered a workout. I’m not sure that Ana and Ravi see it as a simple workout, however. They have a spiritual approach that makes some uncomfortable with their DVD. While the goal of all yoga is not only to improve physical function, the goal is to improve physically, spiritually and mentally.

  8. Thank you very much for the compliments. This comment touches me so much. Really, I could not be happier that I inspired someone to do yoga. You will be amazed at the difference it makes. Please keep me informed and let me know what type of yoga you decide that you want and you will reap the benefits!

  9. You are beautiful, beautiful young woman. You made me want to start doing yoga, I’m a 52 year old woman and have not exercised in years. Thank you for all your videos, they REALLY help. XOXOX

  10. Beatboxing is incredible. I can not imagine that you transcend faire.BTW, Great explanation!

  11. It’s the same thing. Singing can bring you to a higher place, so if you do not like the song that you are not in this place higher. Jesus can save, so if you do not believe in Jesus, you are not in the best place. Kicking back and be quite impressive is all we can really do. Oohhhhhmmmmeerrrrrrmmmmaaahhhh .. That being said … I am a kick ass beatboxer and it feels like a language that transcends time. It can be enjoyed by everyone.

  12. True. I guess it’s no stranger than the belief that Jesus will return one day to save the believers and non-believers will be sent to eternal suffering.

  13. Just because it is an important part of a philosophy does’t are not weird. It’s fun to do, but in general I am slightly mocking people when I do.

  14. I love this yoga and Ashtanga yoga 🙂 My choice is 🙂

  15. This is not the kundalini yoga. The approach is totally wrong. Kundalini Yoga is very difficult and the goal is not to improve physical function and the corps.Bret Singh has found a way to market something similar to yoga to Western audiences, but it is a contraffaction the true yoga.

  16. Salvation. It is quite right that I say. I think it’s really nice that you are a Christian background have adopted a teaching another spiritual tradition. If everyone did that there would be a lot less conflict in the world as we know there is more than one way to “God” -. What people an idea about God.

  17. I’m so excited you their yoga too! No one else I know does. It is amazing how you can think you’re in shape, then you try to do some of the things they do (which can look incredibly simple) and find that you’re not in shape at all. I found their yoga has helped me in all areas of my life, and things like race are much easier.

  18. Thank you to catch it. I edited on my description. I know that most people who find this type of yoga are put off by the strange song because it is unusual in our culture, so I wanted to mention that the song is not a necessary condition. I think the song is beautiful, although I tend to refrain from doing so for personal reasons.

  19. I like to do yoga, banan smoothie, and then click Run. But its all time management to be able to do so.

  20. I am their yoga too. I guess you recommend. I get their newsletter too. I agree they are very useful. These DVDs have cahnged my life over the last 4 years. When I started, I thought I was in shape. I knew nothing about fitness until I do their DVD beginners. It was difficult.

  21. The song is not weird at all. This is an important part of Eastern philosophies.