Is it okay to pick up an application in sweats? Reviews

Question by raethrop: Is it okay to pick up an application in sweats?
Okay, I know that is a weird question. But the only free time I have to pick up my application for a coffee house today is to go right after my yoga class. I need to get the application in ASAP, so I will return it tomorrow…and look more presentable. But, will it hurt my chances if I don’t “dress to impress” when I go in just to pick it up?!

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Answer by Sakura
I would love to say no, but I guess it might.

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3 Responses to “Is it okay to pick up an application in sweats? Reviews”

  1. Nobody ever really looks at somebody who picks up or drops off an application. Unless you ask for the manager when you drop it off, then there’s a small chance of an on-the-spot interview. But if you just hand it over the counter, no worries. and definitely no worries when you go to pick it up

  2. No, definitely not ok. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Often times, if a place is hiring and the manager is they are not busy–they’ll ask if you can chat right on the spot. If you are already concerned about how your dressed it would make for an uncomfortable conversation.

    If you are going to a yoga class wear black leggings, bring a over sized shirt or sweater with you and some decent shoes. Pick up the application before class and just dress up your yoga attire a bit.

  3. No, NOT okay! Someone above said that they do not pay attention unless they are the manager, well what happens if you go in and it is the manger. I know I always take a look at the name on the app when I was in management.