is anyone here super skinny but your belly glue?

question 315cuti : Does anyone here super skinny but your belly sticks out about I want a flat stomach. im super skinny but my stomach sticks out. I want to know a fast way to lose. So far I have found two yoga moves which could work Best answer:.

response Sham I do not think
you can not lose. I am very thin (I’m not trying to be – I eat what I want in what parts I want, but I’m just very thin) and my stomach sticks a little. I think it’s natural. if you look at pictures of people who have eating disorders or malnutrition and emaciated because they are hungry, their bellies stick too. I think if you and I gained more weight (probably eating more but exercise and stay in shape as well) and filled in the rest of our body, like our waist and thighs, then they would still with our stomachs and our stomachs would not this look sticking out.

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2 Responses to “is anyone here super skinny but your belly glue?”

  1. I had a friend who was thin, but its stuck on like a really fat person belly … but somehow it just get rid of them guess sit-ups can do the trick?

  2. Yeah, I am. As my stomach glue, but it’s not that bad. I hate sitting slumped and then you feel all these nasty stomach rolls lol. I do not know exactly how to get rid of, but you can do sit-ups, crunches, running, you should have a high metabolism if you’re skinny. When you run, make sure to breathe and stay in your own pace =). Cut junk food, dude! Seriously, drink plenty of water, even if you think you can get fat from the water! [Because I know I do! ] Lol, I know you probably wanted a short and easy way to get rid of him, but nothing worth getting rid of work will need! [… O.Ö … lol, enjoy!] btw, do you mind telling me yoga techniques? = D