I need some beginner yoga tips.?

Question by Apsokopsadk: I need some beginner yoga tips.?
I have never attempted to do Yoga before, and I would like to start immediately. What are some important things you should remember before learning Yoga?

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Answer by Emily
Remember to try and stretch first! Although yoga stretches your body, you might want to warm up by touching your toes and stretching your arms. Yoga is a good way to stay calm, and is actually an amazing workout for your body! It promotes a healthy lifestyle, and is recommended by physical therapists. You can always look up starting yoga poses online, or get a book or even take a class.
Hope this helps and have fun!

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  1. Relaxed breathing while in a pose and if a pose is really hard I tend to look somewhere and not think about it. Listen to your body too if you can’t do the pose just work on it gradually and you’ll keep improving.