How to stretch to get bigger?

issue by Zulfikar : How to stretch to get taller For more, I should make a section for each part of my body (arms, abs, back, shoulders, legs and chest) or should I google a routine a routine that stretches the entire body, but supposedly works and do it. . Thank you Best answer:

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Honestly, it does not hurt to do both. After a while, you should have an idea of ​​stretching work and which do not. Unfortunately, I do not know if you have much more of your efforts (such as vertebrae are locked firmly enough, with little ability to be stretched). Stretching can improve your posture, however, which can make you look bigger.

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  1. Impossible You can not do anything to make you taller (biologically). Your DNA determines your height. End of. Your DNA defines everything about you.

  2. Nothing will make you bigger, it’s all in the genes. You can wear lifts in your shoes and hats, this is

  3. Ignore these idiots, especially one that is written height “height” There are tons of things you can do to get bigger, and stretching is one of eux.Si you just watch how height is measured for world records, they look at your size in height Vs from morning to night. At the end of the seriousness of the day highly compressed your spine and you can be inches moins.Mais none of this is you aider.Qu ‘is what you besoin.Étirements for your upper body – If you have tight shoulders (especially the front) your body will be pulled in the direction of the seal to slouching (even if slightly). Reducing this will get up more droites.1) Stretch the front of the neck (which is rare due to look down, slouching, etc.). Lift his head up and push up chin up that you feel a stretch. Turn 45deg each side and répéter2) stretched wall – – basically, push your body through your shoulders as far possible3) Bar elastic – v = XKLVlYt2Ioc (sorry for the context, flexibility weightlifting) Stretches for your column lombaire.Comme I have already said, your spine compresses charges and length changes. Without regular stretching, it can become very tight. Personally, I’ve only done this for flexibility Rugby but have friends who do them for posture.1) Cobra – = 82) Cat & Camel – extends on hanchesHanches can be difficult for a myriad of reasons, sitting in uncomfortable positions a lot, over-use of some exercises, etc. If this is the case, such as the shoulders, may tilt forward or backward. Tilts in the hips are great for posture or mobilité.1) Squat stretch –————- ————– By the way, there are some other things you can faire.L weightlifting is well known to stimulate the secretion of growth hormone, increased mineral absorption in the muscles, bones and joints, ultimately improving their external formation.Stimuli such as diet may also play a role. Keep your body well fed, if you want to be a person that can withstand great: healthy proteins and fats (especially omega-3), tons of water and get enough sun vitamines.Même have a effet.En addition, many people sections may recommend that you’ll derivatives yoga.C is because yoga is great for increasing mobility, improve posture and and tons of other things. You can enjoy it too. So I recommend you give a essai.Bonne luck (Do not give up just because people – who obviously never tried it – tells you it can not be done)!