How to avoid passing out in yoga class?

Question by Kirby: How to avoid passing out in yoga class?
How to avoid passing out in yoga class?
I’ve almost passed out in the past 3 yoga classes I’ve gone too- my vision gets really dark, and my hearing starts to fade- like a really bad head rush! It’s embarrassing to revert to the child’s pose when everyone else is doing what they’re supposed to. How can I avoid this? My instructor said that it may have to do with low blood pressure– how could I change that? I am breathing normally too- so I don’t think that’s it.

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Answer by justme
Have your bp checked. And try something else. Don’t do exercises that make you pass out!

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  1. i get dizzy spells to sometimes and it’s always because i don’t eat something in the morning..make sure you eat good before you go to ur next class.. that might help.

  2. Are you doing yoga in a heated room? If so, you may want to avoid it. I would try hydrating about an hour before class–you might be dehydrated, which would increase your sensitivity to the blood pressure swings of changing positions. Pay attention to your breathing too even though you think you’re breathing normally, you might be holding your breath in order to maintain a pose.

  3. don’t go there. just kidding.Mostly the complaints I hear about yoga class is all the farting that goes on in there.See your doctor there may be a medical reason for why this is happening that can be corrected.

  4. I used to have a similiar problem where I passed out often. The doctor said it was my bodys reaction to certain stressors. Keep in mind stress isn’t just feeling upset and angry it’s literally the pressure your actions can put on your body. So, if you look at it that way, perhaps the Yoga is stressing you in a way you can’t understand. I’d skip yoga until you’ve had a dotor analize your BP and perhaps run some heart tests to see how your hearts pumping…good luck!

  5. no idea. but keep away from asprin if your taking a lot cause it thins the blood.

  6. Follow these instructions exactly. When you walk in to the class walk up to the instructor demand your money back, turn directly around walk to the door open it and walk to the little boxing gym the street. You are obviously at the wrong place.