How should a beginner start doing Yoga?

Question by Elle: How should a beginner start doing Yoga?
I’m interested in Yoga and would like to buy some DVDs so I can start doing it at home — can anyone who’s experienced with Yoga give me any tips for buying the right DVD?

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Answer by Pinki
Hi, u can buy DVD or CDS from India, I am just giving you link, Just do yoga & find the great change in your life. with love…………….. Pinki (India)

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  1. GO on ebay and look up Denise Austin. She is the queen of fitness and has awesome tapes out for yoga, pilates, and fat burning. There are so many to choose from. I say ebay because you can find a LOT of DVDs or VHSs for cheap usually. Denise Austin is in her 40’s and her body is better than most 20 year olds!!! She is a little wacky, but fun to work out with. She really gets you motivated and provides good tips!! Hope this helps!

  2. Yoga Zone
    DVD Yoga Zone Ultimate Collection

  3. germanknowitall May 30, 2013 at 12:15 pm

    I did not like my instructor so I went to Target and got a YogaZone Strong and Healthy Back DVD and now I have a strong and healthy back… no more chiro and no more problems. I also bought a kit that I highly recommend- Gaiam AM and PM yoga for beginners which came with a mat and a strap and it has been great. Really great. I got that at Target too for 30 smacks.

  4. racheal_rabion May 30, 2013 at 12:20 pm

    Make sure you get a DVD that is for beginners, there are tons out there…once you get the basics down you can start looking at the programs to target your specific needs. The important thing is just to start slow, especially if you are doing so in your home without an instructor to correct improper posture, so that you do not injure yourself. has some excellent choices for beginning yoga: