How Much Exercise Should You Get in Your First Trimester?

Question by ddti: How Much Exercise Should You Get in Your First Trimester?
only about 4 weeks along and I want to be careful and take it easy since I have miscarried once in the past. I plan on starting with just walking & prenatal yoga, which I know is safe but my question is How Much Walking should I do? Is it ok to get my heart rate up and get a good workout in??
ps- I have worked out all my life, so my body IS use to it, thanks!!

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Answer by Lisa
It is perfectly fine to do the same amount of exercise as you normally do while pregnant. Just don’t do anything overly strenuous or that your body isn’t used to.

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3 Responses to “How Much Exercise Should You Get in Your First Trimester?”

  1. Since you miscarried before, I would continue with your normal routine, but make it less strenuous.

  2. ╔Kimmeh╗ ♪♫ April 6, 2013 at 11:22 pm

    Since your body is already used to it, it should be fine. If you were a lazy couch potato before and just now wanting to work out, I would say no. You would be using muscles you haven’t used before, etc, but it sounds like you already know that. I don’t know, if I were in your position and miscarried before… I would take things extremely light. Just stick to walking. I don’t really see a limit to it though, do what makes you comfortable with that… few more months and you’re not going to want to walk very far.

  3. my 1st trimester i didn’t exercise at all
    i was so tired and sick lol
    but since my 2nd trimester i have been working out 6 times a weeks
    i walk for an hour up hill
    (but really it just depends how you feel)