How long does it take to start a new habit?

Question by jenny: How long does it take to start a new habit?
I want to get my regular yoga routine back now that I have recovered from my knee surgery. Some people say that if I practice everyday for six weeks that after six weeks it will be a habit that will be hard to break. Others tell me it is more like six months to form a new habit. Any ideas?
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Answer by El Kabong
Three seconds.
One second to think of it, another to commit to it, and finally second number three is getting off your duff and making it happen.
123 why are you still sitting there?

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  1. I really liked this article…lots of good tips:

    For me, once I remove all other options I effortlessly fall into new habits. It’s important to be aware of negative self talk, like: ‘this is so hard — I can’t do it,’ or ‘I’m too tired, I can do it tomorrow’ which is my personal favorite. When I catch myself thinking like that I’ll affirm my true intention and act against the negative impulse. This unravels negative programming (and ego in general). I used to have a horrible case of obssessive compulsive disorder, which was completely healed by bringing awareness (in the moment) to the fear based thought and then doing whatever I wasn’t ‘supposed’ to do. Every time I’d do this, the next time the negative thought would arise, it would be weaker, until finally it just vanished into transparency. (ego works exactly the same way) Fascinating area!!

    Hope this helps 🙂