How does yoga differ from regular aerobics exercises?

Question by Think about it: How does yoga differ from regular aerobics exercises?
I have to admit that after all this time I am just not clear on what yoga is. When I watch it on TV it just shows people stretching. I don’t see how it is a work out and how it makes people toned and muscular (like madonna) and how it could make you flexible and in shape. What exactly is yoga?

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Answer by SuperDem
Yoga is not so much stretching as it is posing. You are able to develop muscle strength and memory, core strength, flexibility, and burn calories by holding a series of postures in increasing difficulty. The breathing exercises will help you to gain focus and increase your cardiovascular health to some degree. The balancing postures will help you to build strength in your core, and many of the poses, such as sun salutations, will increase your flexibility. However, you are correct that many of the toned muscular bodies you see on tv are not the work of yoga alone. I suggest yoga as a supplement to your strenght and cardio routine. It is a very worthwhile activity if you can find the time.

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