How do you start to Excersize? I’m a big girl and would like to start?

Question by x_crayola_x: How do you start to Excersize? I’m a big girl and would like to start?
I’m a big girl and was thin once in my life. I would like to get down to my normal weight which is 145. (need to lose about 90) I don’t know how to start. Some one said sit ups and running but you got to understand that I haven’t done this in years…. I just don’t want to hurt myself. Also I’m a single mom so I need to stay home to do this. Is there any workouts that are for Beginners? Anything would help I really want to lose the weight and tone up… Doctor said I don’t eat anything bad or even enough so that’s not the problem. I just need to excersize. Help Please.

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Answer by crazyboldprincess
The best program to start is SLIM IN 6 You start off doing 20 minuetes a week do it 6 times a week and after 2 weeks you move on to the next series which is 47min. you can go online and type in slim in 6 by debbie seibers( i think the last name is right) when i did it after having my 1st son and watching what i ate i lost 45lbs. if you do the tape it works!! plus it gives you moderate moves to do in place of doing the harder moves until you can work up to it. I promise this dvd really does work, good luck to you

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  1. First of all laying on the couch is most likely what did it. Lack of activity will get you fat even if you don’t eat much because you need to keep your metabolism going at all times. Also, sitting home all day makes people eat because they’re bored. You need to start walking, then jogging, then running. Now being that you are a big girl right now running isn’t the easiest on your knees and ankles. I would suggest lifting light weights. Get yourself a few 5lbs, 10lbs and 20lbs dumbells. You can do great cardio with these weights and also tone up some muscle that is hidden away currently. Also, when you feel like you need a snack then go crazy on the vegetable (not with any sauce though) Also drink ALOT of water every day. This is a posting I answered for someone else………………….. These numbers vary on a person’s size and daily activity but on the average men burn 2200 calories a day and women burn 1700 calories a day. That means that you need to keep the calories below those marks or you will gain weight. If you are able to lose 3500 calories in a seven day period then that will lose you one pound of fat. There are a few ways to do this. One way is to eat less and make sure it is easy to digest foods, like vegetables, lettuce, chicken, fish, etc.. The other way is to workout. I suggest this route because you have a much more fun lifestyle and look better. Working out tones and tightens your muscles as well as burns calories. The easiest way to lose weight is to buy a road bike (ten speed) and ride at least an hour a day. The typical 1 hour ride will burn between 800-900 calories. When you get better it makes good sense to ride two to three hours 3 to 4 times a week. You can do the math on the calorie lose. You can lose weight quickly, safely and it’s better for your heart nd lungs as well. Good Luck!!!

  2. Yes, absolutely there are things you can do. Don’t let anyone push you into something that you think you could hurt yourself doing. There’s a difference between “feel the burn” and putting yourself at risk.

    Start small. Take a walk for 30 minutes around the block or whatever, at a pleasent time of day and at a leisurely pace. The way to do this healthily, is to slowly introduce movement back to your body. Make sure you wear good, supportive shoes. For a few days or so just take a slow, comfortable walk, 20 or 30 mins per day. Then try walking at a brisker pace. Do not jog! Not at first anyway. Give yourself a couple of weeks with the walking. Enjoy it. Keep it simple, and BE CONSISTENT. You will probably start to lose weight, just doing that. After a while increase your walk to like 45 mins, and after a week of that increase to an hour. If you walk at a brisk pace for one hour each day, and if you previously did not work out, you will begin to lose weight.

    Walking like this for 6 weeks or so will reintroduce movement to your body in a gentle way. It won’t put you at risk and you are also more likely to stick with it because it might be a little uncomfortable, but not super painful or unpleasent. After walking briskly for an hour has become a part of your routine, and you’re used to it and it’s less of a challenge than it was before, that’s the time to consider starting a more intense workout. I highly recommend that you enroll in a yoga class. Yoga is gentle, relaxing, extremely healthy, and encourages weight loss. You can start on the most basic level and anyone can do it. Since you are a mother, yoga would also benefit you especially from a relaxation standpoint. If you can’t get a babysitter for an hour while you’re in the class, get a beginner’s yoga video or DVD. It is SO worth it. Your whole life will be better if you make yoga a part of your life. It’s very healthy and such a de-stressor, it even lowers some people’s blood pressure. And if you do it consistently, gradually increasing in difficulty when you’re ready, you will definitely lose weight doing it and get into great shape.

    Anyway, those are my suggestions! Good for you that you have decided to get to a healthier weight. That will be a very good example to set for your kids. Best of luck to you in achieving your goals! Don’t give up no matter what, and you’ll get there!