How do you nurse an injured shoulder?

Question by CircusDelux: How do you nurse an injured shoulder?
I injured my shoulders doing a crazy yoga move for too long and now it will not heal right. I have been having pain in them for a month now. Have you all found anything that might help short of going to the doctor? I have tried to lay off it for a while and it gets better but when I try to do light exercises it feels loose.

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Answer by xjaz1
Ice it.. Shoulders take time to heal. I hurt mine lifting weights and it took months to get better. I’m in the process of learning yoga for my low back and hips.. Getting stiff and losing flexibility.

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  1. It is quite possible that you have damaged a rotator cuff which MIGHT allow it’s self to heal enough for short periods of time and give you some relief but when you start to use it again you irritate it.
    Go to your local pharmacy or Wal-Mart and get a shoulder immobilizer and use it for no more than six weeks as a Dr would tell you to do.
    IF this does not help then I would most definately say that you need to have a Dr look at it.
    Your rototar cuff is like the ligament that keeps your arm in it’s place and a damaged one will not ever heal to make your arm as good as it was before and surgery would be the only alternative and at that,your arm may never be as good as it once was but it will be better.