How do I go to bed without not being able to fall to sleep out of stress?

Question by ¢ℓαяє мєgαη єммα ♥: How do I go to bed without not being able to fall to sleep out of stress?
I have to take the ACT tomorrow.
I have to get up at 7:00 in the morning and it’s already 10:19 PM here.
I’m stressed out. Because I’m 13 and I have to take the ACT. My parents made me take it last year too. For experience or something.
Tips on falling asleep? Listening to music does not help. Thanks.

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OMG me too! i havta take it tomorrow as welL! are you prepared im not!
hmm we live in the same time zones. can you contact me? (email/myspace wisee)

btw i have been thinking about asking this Q for a while!

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  1. Fall asleep knowing that its just a pre act its not the actual ACT. I took it last year, and its a pre-ACT to let you get familiar with the test.

  2. I usually like read a book or something until I fall asleep. You could also try exercising or meditation? Haven’t tried meditating to sleep before but I hear its good. Focus on your senses and what you hear and feel and all that, but not your emotions. That’s how I hear it goes~
    Good luck too, btw.

  3. monstrar [is 18 on 7.9.09. ♥]. December 1, 2012 at 11:19 am

    Sounds dumb, but watch TV.
    Or read a book.
    Drinking warm milk helps, too.
    Good luck on your test.

  4. When I turn the TV on a boring show and just watch I usually get tired watching close my eyes and drift to sleep LOL you can try that .

  5. Heres a trick my mom taught me(learned it at her yoga class):
    Lie on your back, close your eyes. Take deep deep breaths. Try very hard to clear your mind and put all thoughts out of your hear,you could do this by imagining that you’re staring down into a deep dark well or at a blank television screen. Then, first allow your toes to become limp and extremely relaxed, next your ankles,and keep moving upwards allowing your body to become relaxed slowly.While doing this count backwards very slowly from the number 27. Remember you have to try really hard not to let any thoughts intrude. This has worked for me so I hope it will work for you.Just keep concentrating on that deep dark well(or tv screen)

    Another trick is to turn your clock away from your bed while you’re trying to fall asleep, that way you wouldn’t be worrying about how long you’re taking to fall asleep as you won’t know what time it is.

    Go and drink some nice warm milk,milky drinks are often very soothing just before you go to bed.

    Turn off your computer,your tv, your cell phone and anything else that may be a distraction.

    The more you worry about not falling asleep,the longer it takes.

    Don’t worry about how much sleep you get, its possible to survive on only 3 hours of sleep. Believe me, I know. I’ve just finished with some really important exams and I’ve been having some sleeping problems but I survived and I think I did pretty well.
    Hope I helped.

  6. Ask your mom for a sleeping pill. Tell your mom why it is needed.