How can I use yoga for a healthier body/weight?

Question by : How can I use yoga for a healthier body/weight?
I’m wondering what poses could help me, how often I would need to do yoga, and how effective will it be. I’m fairly fit now, but would like to stay in shape, and improve strength, flexibility, and balance. I’m still pretty much of a beginner, but I’ve taken both intermediate and advanced yoga classes easily. I also would like to learn more about yoga, and how it has worked for you. What do I need in order to do it effectively, and how do I breathe while doing it? Thanks 🙂

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I’m not too experienced with yoga but a great yoga studio (that I believe is national) is called bikram yoga and it’s pretty much unlike any other yoga studio i’ve ever seen.

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  1. you need to always ensure you stretch before you start. it might sound weird seeing that yoga is all about learning to flex your mind and muscles in new ways, but it is important that you do. just try the simpler stretches first and work your way up to the more complex ones.
    Yoga has been great for me. i have lost several inches off my waist and i feel a lot more centered throughout the days. this is the website i use to learn more about it. you will find lots of info about how it can help you here

  2. Hi, I am a certified Hatha yoga instructor. Yoga poses offer a bonanza of health benefits reports on these. You need to do Ujjayi Breath to breathe properly during yoga, where you inhale and exhale through your nose. As you exhale the back of your tongue should gently touch your soft palate.

    Generally, when you extend anything you inhale and when you contract you exhale. For example, reach your hands in the air and inhale, do a forward bend and exhale.You need to do deep yogic breaths that fill your abdomen, rib cage and clavicular area.

    You also need to perform the postures properly. The Sivananda Yoga Home Companion is an amazing full color book that provides multiple pictures, explanations and variations for almost every pose, with the top 3 to 5 mistakes clearly explained and displayed.