How can I stop being nervous and self-conscious about going to this hot yoga class? Reviews

Question by 123ohyah: How can I stop being nervous and self-conscious about going to this hot yoga class?
I’m 15 and my brother is 18 and we’re going to this hot yoga class. I’m SUPER nervous because I think I’ll be the youngest one there and I’m afraid I’m not wearing the right thing and I’m afraid I’ll be the most out of shape or embarrass myself somehow. Uggggh. Can someone give me a little pep talk on how I can get over this and just go to the dam class? Thanks

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Answer by Orange
JUST GO! It can’t be as bad as you’re imagining it. Just look around on the internet or TV and see what people wear for the class. And who cares if you’re out of shape? You’re ALL there to get in shape (and relax I guess XD), trust me, no one will notice and no one will care.

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  1. You’re 15 so it is totally normal for you to worry about what other people will think of you, but as you get older, you will find that it doesn’t matter what people think of you! Plus, you’re probably never going to know what the other people in the class think of you, so make up really good stuff! (And hey, it might be true!) Tell yourself that they are going to think it’s awesome that a 15-year-old is taking this class, that it’s great that you are wanting to better yourself in this way, and are so dedicated. Plus, they’ll be thinking, man, I wish I was 15 again! And like the other person said, look online or ask around for what to wear. I’ve been to regular yoga classes, and people wear all different things. You just want to be comfortable! Plus, most people that go to yoga classes are really great, nice people, and they’re not going to think badly of you! And everyone is going to be at a different fitness level, and you’re all going to better yourselves. So have fun!

  2. I just went to my first hot yoga class last week. The woman running it was really nice and patient. I told her beforehand that I’m not very flexible and she went easy on me. Maybe tell the instructor your concerns before class and they’ll be able to help you out?

    As for not wearing the right thing, I saw a wide variety of outfits in the class. I wore a sleeveless top and jogging pants. I saw people in shorts and sports bras, and I saw others in baggy t-shirts and sweats. There isn’t a strict dress code and no one will be paying attention to what you wear, don’t worry. It’s too hot for that. Whatever you find comfortable to wear in such a hot environment – go with that.