How can I put together an at-home yoga routine for myself?

Question by : How can I put together an at-home yoga routine for myself?
I’d like to start doing yoga, but I’m not really sure where to start? I’d like to tone up a little, especially in my abs and arms, and gain better posture and balance. But I’m not sure what poses to do or how to organize a routine for myself? I’ve got 30 minutes tops for the routine, so it needs to be kind of short. And please no recommendations for youtube videos or live-teacher websites. 😛 Thanks in advance! (:

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Buy a DVD if possible, or just do stretching exercises that involve leaning this way and that on one leg, then the other. Downward dog is very popular: hands in front of you, toes up, reach your hips to the sky. To rest do child’s pose: crouched down, head on floor, sit on your heels. Do the plank if you can, it’s really good for abs. Tree: stand tall, put the face of your foot on your opposite leg, as high as you can, whether it’s your calf or thigh, hands together like in prayer position. Raise your hands in the air. If you watch some videos you can get the idea and incorporate lots of moves for 30 mins.

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  1. You can start with simple hath yoga practice.

    First learn from a experienced teacher for 3-4 weeks and then you can plan to set up your own home practice. Learning yoga from DVDs/ videos etc is not effective unless you have done yoga before.

    A simple hath yoga practice including yoga poses, pranayama and meditation will be ideal for you. For 30 minutes of yoga, you can do surya namaskars, followed by yoga poses and then yoga breathing for ten minutes, followed by 5 minutes of relaxation. Here are some yoga poses you can select for your yoga practice.

    Do not be in a hurry and advance gradually in your practice of yoga. Even if you do for half an hour, do yoga slowly and patiently. There is no need to do yoga in a hurry. In the beginning do only the asanas you feel comfortable.

    Here is a free yoga course to know more about yoga before starting your yoga practice.

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