How can I get motivated to start doing yoga?

Question by jago417: How can I get motivated to start doing yoga?
I’m a guy who’s never done yoga but am interested in starting because of the many benefits. I was also recommended to it for improving my posture and reducing back pains.

I don’t think I’ll have time to go take classes regularly but I’m willing to do it at home. How do I get started? There’s so many poses and I’m not sure how I’m supposed to do them or how to create a workout plan for yoga.

Any tips for an absolute beginner?

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Answer by Garen
just go, its easy , especcially if youve played sports or done any martial arts then you should alredy be flexible enough, i went to yoga for the first time and my heart rate dropped so low that night, plus you get to meet hot chicks in yoga pants, i think that should be more than enough motivation

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  1. Don’t do it, Yoga and everything like it is very Anti Christian, you should exercise in a regular gym.

  2. For a beginner like you I would suggest, instead of starting on difficult yoga posture, start with simple breathing exercises and for that you don’t really need to go to a class.

    You may do it in the morning or evening as per your comfort.

  3. I have practiced yoga for 7 years. I love it. I can’t afford yoga classes anymore, or to even drive to them. I have found very awesome beginner yoga classes on youtube. Some of them even had me working up a sweat! I try and do a few different poses every few days, but I like to get on youtube and find a good half-hour class at least once a month.

    When you are in your own home, there is less need for certain accessories too, like a yoga mat. You probably want to have a folded blanket near by to sit on, especially when you are starting out.

    Remember to also add ‘beginning’ to the tag word ‘yoga.’ The teacher will be mindful of verbally elaborating on breath patterns and where you should be feeling the stretching happening in your body.

  4. I really advise you to buy Light on Yoga (Yoga Dipika) by B.K.S. Iyengar – he gives very detailed description of each pose, and recommends how to start your daily yoga practice. You can work with some videos online, but for a beginner, it’s better to have a very detailed description of poses for enhanced understanding of how your body works, and for safety. This book will help you, and if you add videos to what is written in the book, it will give you more detailed picture. But of course it’s best of all to have at least a few classes with yoga teacher to know how it feels.

  5. Start doing it.