How can I freshen up quickly after yoga and before work?

Question by StarBright*: How can I freshen up quickly after yoga and before work?
I am taking a yoga class and I have about 30 minutes after yoga before my next class, and then I got straight to work. I get really sweaty in yoga and I don’t have time to shower before work. My job requires me to look very professional.

Has anyone used dry shampoo? I was thinking about buying that new tresemme fresh start dry shampoo.

Are then any like, body wipes? Something like a quick body refresher but without a shower?

Need answers asap! Thanks! (Will choose best answer!)

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Answer by Sunny
i’ve never tried dry shampoo, but i use baby powder to freshen my hair. just put a little bit on your finger tips and then rub it in to your scalp to soak up any of the oil.
then for my body i buy Scot brand moisture wipes and use that on my armpits and wherever else I need freshened, and then apply deodorant.

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  1. get the dry shampoo i’ve heard that it works really well. get pampers baby wipe to clean you face, armpits,shoulders ect. don’t believe me look it up on the glamor website. wipe your under arm and trash the wipe you will want a new one for your face. then reapply deodorant bring perfume to put on wrists back of neck inside of knees and elbows or one of your choice. redo do foundation and fix you hair and your ready to go!