How can I do Yoga, Who can tell me some TIPS?

Question by Sand: How can I do Yoga, Who can tell me some TIPS?
I wanna start to do Yoga, but I don’t know how to do it.. I mean, I’ve never done it!

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Answer by knowledgebomb
Yoga is pretty easy once you learn all poses and breathing exercizes. I would recommend attending one class and then trying to replicate it at your home. You could also buy yoga guide mats that will help you as you go. I really like this one:

because it has all the poses right there so you can choose as you go. It helps with the flow. Also, you might want to pick up a beginners yoga pack with a block, mat, etc, that will help you get started. Good luck!

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  1. I would strongly suggest you to join a yoga class and get trained by a Yoga teacher. For novices , learning yoga from books/DVD is not recommended. Books/DVD will be a great companion and not a great teacher.

    Yoga teachers will identify postures/exercises suitable for his trainees .Especially there are some exercises/postures in yoga that are not recommended for all ( persons with chronic pain,heart diseases,high blood pressure should avoid certain postures) . A Yoga teacher will tailor the session that is suitable for you.

    If you have certain ailments, inform your teacher about it before attending the class.

    If you are interested in logic/theory behind yoga techniques this site is a great source to know about it