How an i get more flexible?

Question by nykky: How an i get more flexible?
Stretches I can do daily? Or a yoga routine? I can’t even touch my toes

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  1. search stretching exercises for beginners in youtube

  2. Pilates and yoga will help with flexibility. So will ballet class. Stretching must be done after you warm your body up or it wont be productive and you will risk injury. Any activity that bulks the muscles like sprinting or heavy weight lifting will reduce flexibility.
    Have realistic goals as you can only improve your natural flexibility by 20% no matter how hard you work.

    *EDIT: You don’t need to go do pilates with all the equipment that is required. You can do “floor pilates.” Try taking a class for learning correct technique and then get a video and work at home.

  3. Ello 🙂 i did dance and gymnastics when i was really young, so when i first started cheerleading this year i wasn’t that flexible. To get flexible i started stretching ALOT. i would
    -sit on the ground with my legs out in front of me (keep your toes pointed i think it gives a better stretch.) then reach for you toes. You can do this with your left or right leg or both at one time.
    -Spread your legs out in front of you, then bend down and reach as far as you can.
    -sit down and put one leg straight behind you and the other bent under you, this will get you closer to doing the splits.
    -stand up and spread your legs just a little bit for starters (id reccomend about shoulder with apart) then bend down as far as you can go. (soon you will be able to touch your hands to the floor)
    -find something short to start out on (like a chair) and put your foot on the seat or top of it (depending on how high you can go without an extreme amount of pain) this is also helpful if you are wanting to get the splits down. as the stretch gets easier, go for higher objects like a table or counter top. I did this and i can now put my foot onto of a refidgerator without a problem.

  4. In order to get my splits i have been stretching 20 minutes a day, 10 when i first wake up and 10 when i go to bed. I do all kinds of stretches, the stretches that most help me are just sitting in a split (even if you don’t have your split) and i also sit with my legs stretched apart and stretch from one side to another. I also stand up and stretch to my toes. I normally hold each stretch for 2 minutes at a time. *Make sure your warm before you stretch if you aren’t warm it is more likely that you can pull a muscle. You can get warm by doing any aerobic activity, I normally just do 20 jumping jacks before stretching.* I hope this helps!!! And remember it will take time to improve flexibility it took me a month to get my left split and that was with me stretching twice a day everyday.

  5. Pilates exercise consists of over 500 specific exercises that performed with a handful of specially designed equipment. Named after its founder, Joseph Pilates, Pilates exercise concentrates on certain positions and movements that call upon the needed stress to keep the body healthy. Instead of weight lifting, Pilates use stretching and maintaining certain positions for a period of time to achieve results. Pilates exercise is packed full of benefits, just a few of them are…

    1. A Healthier Body – Pilates exercise are created to keep your body strong and flexible. Also because some of these exercises are also cardiovascular you also will improve your respiratory systems.

    2. Fat Burning – Pilates will increase the heart rate and in turn your metabolism, which allows for your body to burn excess fats.

    Pilates Benefits –

  6. Your quads — those big muscles on the fronts of your thighs — are the workhorses of your legs. But it’s the muscles at the back of your legs, your hamstrings and calves, that can become shortened with inactivity, and stretching those is the starting place to becoming flexible quickly. Standing with your feet together or alternately hip-width apart, start bending slowly forward from your waist. Place your hands on the front of your legs and let them slide down the legs as you stretch forward. When you’ve gone as far as you can, spend a minute or so breathing normally and getting comfortable with the stretch. The object is to stretch the hamstrings and calf muscles slowly, incrementally, every day, so never push past normal discomfort into the pain zone. Then slowly — with a flat back — begin to straighten to a standing position. Repeat this three times.

    Stretching your middle torso, specifically the waist area, has added benefits beyond mere flexibility. A strong, flexible core adds protection for your back and leads to better posture. Come to a standing position, planting your feet hip-width apart. Raise your arms to shoulder height. On an exhale and keeping your body facing to the front, slowly begin bending from your waist to the left. Your left arm will lightly skim your left leg while your right arm reaches up to the ceiling. Bend only as far as you’re able without feeling any pain; then, on an inhale, come back to your initial standing pose. Repeat on the right side. Exhale and stretch down to the right. Inhale, back to standing. Repeat the entire sequence three times, building up to 20 over time.

    For the Front Shoulder Stretch, hold your arms in front of you, parallel to the floor. Place your left elbow on top of your right elbow. In this position, raise your forearms until they are perpendicular to the floor. Grasp the fingers of both hands together and raise your arms to shoulder height. Hold for 10 seconds, then release and repeat — only this time starting with your right elbow on top of your left.
    For the Back Shoulder Stretch, stand with your feet hip-width apart. Clasp your hands behind you. Keeping your shoulders down, start raising your arms up and away from your body. Go only as far as you can, then release your hands and shake out your arms. Alternate the front and back shoulder stretches, working up to 10 times for maximum flexibility.

    im a level 10 gymnast here is a video example of my level of gymnastics