Has anyone ever tried doing facial excersize?

Question by Heather: Has anyone ever tried doing facial excersize?
Im 18 and I kinda have some baby fat on my face that i would like to reduce the appearance of. Recently I have been thinking of trying facial yoga moves (working the muscles in your face to make them more defined). My jawline is also really narrow compared to the rest of my face I would like to make it more defined has anyone tried facial exercising and did it work for you?

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Answer by She eats people
No, facial exercises are done with the goal of firming up the face to stave off wrinkles, though it actually causes wrinkles so most people don’t do them even for that anymore. Even if they worked they would do absolutely nothing for you (well nothing but give you premature wrinkles, that is).

Contrary to what some people seem to think you cannot target fat loss on your face or any other area of your body. If you want to lose that baby fat and get a more defined jawline you will have to lose weight the usual way (exercise and diet). Other than that you are basically stuck with your face unless you want to pay thousands of dollars for plastic surgery or fillers.

I would suggest contouring with your makeup instead (this is something you will have to figure out on your own so look up techniques to get the look you want). Get a mac makeup brush and either two foundations (one shade lighter and darker) or a bronzer for it.

*also, i have no idea what that joni person is talking about…

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