FITNESS: HARDCORE YOGA ROUTINE – Fitness and Workout Series

MIND AND BODY BALANCE. Do this yoga routine anytime to refocus and tone your body. Level 2-3. Original music, shot at New Port Beach California. FOR MORE FRE…
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9 Responses to “FITNESS: HARDCORE YOGA ROUTINE – Fitness and Workout Series”

  1. good routine but a lot of the time she doesn’t tell you when you’re going into the next pose so you don’t even realize she’s switched poses until you look up at the screen. It would be easier if she was more verbally instructional so i wouldn’t have to look at the screen while in compromising yoga positions. also some of the moves are very fast.

  2. this workout was so good. how do you get your abs?? their amazing.

  3. Seems interesting, but .I did -30 lbs past two months.Open

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  6. Janaina Matiazzo October 14, 2013 at 7:17 am

    Very good class!

  7. wery good!!!!!!!!!!

  8. At 35:15 why do u balance on one leg but when its time for the other side you do a royal dancer pose …. shouldnt you do the same pose on each leg? Or was this intentional?

  9. Nice!!