Exploring Yoga Styles: What is Bikram Yoga?

Exploring Yoga Styles: What is Bikram Yoga?
If you are a beginning yogi, your teacher will advise you to be careful not to overstretch. Those with heart and circulatory conditions should check in with their doctors before beginning any new exercise routine, but especially yoga in a heated room.
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Devoted to Facial Yoga (Don't Try This in Public)
Ms. Khan's program joins a host of other facial yoga routines dedicated to keeping you looking young such as facialyogaonline.com developed in 2006 by yoga instructor Michael Glen and The Yoga Face, a book and online program created by yoga instructor …
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Seniors bend over backwards for Bikram
A handful of seniors are literally bending over backwards and making yoga at Bikram Yoga Sidney part of their weekly routine. Bruce Campbell, David Bearden and Joe Bradley (all in their 70s) have been attending hot yoga at the school on average of …
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