Epic yoga moves with Artemis

My favorite yoga move. Be extremely careful if you attempt this. I’d hate to have you get injured! — www.twitch.tv/artemisknives/c/2356595&utm_campaign=arch…
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Category: Yoga Tips

18 Responses to “Epic yoga moves with Artemis”

  1. He almost spilled his water

  2. damn youre skinny

  3. hes smiling so much after cause hes so happy he can still do it and didn’t fail after 1000000s of hours glued to warz

  4. The vasa almost fell

  5. Art when I come over to eat dinner ima bring my yoga mat and some airduster for ur pc lol hope ur doing good man

  6. you are crazy! hahahaha fucking artemis xD

  7. So This Is The Secret Success Of Becoming A WarZ Bandit, I’ll Give It A Go..

  8. Finally

  9. Close enough… lol

  10. your sexy

  11. lol? artemis having core or in any shape at all? riiiiiiiiiiiiight.

  12. Thats not water
    Its vodka

  13. water 😀


  15. 1:04 the watter :O 😀

  16. Holy shit you could have an awesome LAN over there with the space and chairs

  17. hey art nice moves bro wish i could do that but yeah nice moves i might cya on war z

  18. first