Does going to the gym help you lose weight?

Question by thesoundofwhite: Does going to the gym help you lose weight?
I am thinking about joining a gym, I really need to lose weight -I weigh 170 pounds and I am 165cm. I know I need to eat more healthy and drink more water, I have been doing that. What things at the gym do I need to lose weight? Is taking a yoga/ pilates class also a good idea.

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Answer by Ruby Blue
I suggest starting slowly, going to the gym 3 times a week for 1/2 hour to an hour, start by walking on the treadmill, or using any of the machines. Just remember to go at your pace. As your fitness level increases (Yes you will lose weight) you’ll be able to be at the gym more often or for longer, and you’ll be able to increase the intensity of your workout. Once you feel fit enough to start taking some classes, try them all! Spin class, step, dancing, weights, don’t be afraid! A good variety of lots of different exercise, including resistence and weight training, will help you to lose weight and increase your fitness level.

Also, yoga/pilates are great for strengthening your core and increasing flexibility. These classes are an extremely good idea, and will help you whilst you work out.

Good luck!

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  1. Gym are all about losing weight but you will need some thing that works the cardio system so that you build up a sweat. Jogging or brisk walks are the best go for those anytime you like and all you need is a good pair of shoes.

  2. yes!combine yoga/pilates with moderate amounts of cardio..i suggest you do 20 minutes of cardio(either on a crosstrainer or treadmil) before your pilates class and another 20 minutes afetr the pilates class…you still have to portion control and stay as active as possible to shed at least 2-3 pounds per week…at the end of the day is cash is an issue,just walk around your neighbourhood an hour daily…thats a free but complete workout…