Do prenatal yoga teachers have to be certified?

Question by Chris B: Do prenatal yoga teachers have to be certified?
I was just told by someone that the instructor for my wifes prenatal yoga class is not certified. I know yoga instructors have different certifications, and I want my wife to be instructed by someone who is trained properly.

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Answer by C J
Certification qualifications vary by state. In some states yoga instructors have to go for more training and certification to teach prenatal yoga while in a few states that matter is left to the locality to decide.. If your state does not require such certification, ask the instructor to provide you with their credentials as far as training (this should include some sort of certificate of completion or a yoga instructors certificate that includes some information about prenatal yoga) If they are not willing to provide this, move on to the next professional.

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  1. Is the yoga teacher you are going to know certified now as a yoga teacher? I am in training to be a yoga teacher now and I have to know the basics for teaching pregnant women. However there are certifications for prenatal yoga. However its said to say that people who are not certified can teach yoga any where. Here is a way to find a certified yoga teacher that is the best site and they made regulations for yoga teachers. I hope this has helped