Could you suggest some tips for studying alone?

Question by Yogav: Could you suggest some tips for studying alone?
Actually I try to study well. But I keep postponing it by telling to myself “I will study after 5 minutes”. But I study well with friends or classmates. But when I am alone even if I sit to study I feel sleepy or get distracted. Could you suggest some tips for studying alone?

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Answer by DGS
Take 15 minutes rest between 2 hours study. Do simple yoga to get concentration power. Take proper rest. Eat nourished food.

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  1. AALUNGA- புதியதாய் ஓர் ஆண்டு January 15, 2014 at 11:52 am


    Here are few tips:

    Tips to increase concentration:

    * Close your eyes for 5 minutes and try to concentrate on some point in the black/blank screen in front of you (that shape that occurs when your eyes are closed)


    * Try to see your nose tip for at least 5 minutes continously

    * During free time, try to work on some concentration exercises. There are plenty of them available on books and net
    Example: Finding the difference, Finding odd one out, Counting triangles, Distinguishing shapes, etc.

    * Try to learn and practise Yoga

    Tips to study alone:

    * Assume of the situation where your exam is on today and your friends are not accessible (Heavy Rain outside, suppose)

    * If you feel sleepy, better SLEEP for around 30 min- 1 hr. Then, refresh yourself and study.

    * If you have some favourite hobby, study while you are doing it. You won’t get distracted.

    * If you are a lover of some art, have the pleasant form of the art before you while you are studying.
    (i.e) Lover of Music- Some melodies may be played while you study.
    Lover of Flowers- Decorate your room with pleasant smell of flowers

    {The idea is not applicable for a lover of some visual media- TV, Cinema, etc.)

    * Take a short (non commercial) break for 5 min after 1 hour of studying but, Always STAY TUNED!!

    * Keep yourself away from the TV/ Cinema, while you are studying.

    {If TV runs in your room, better move to another one / outside.But, don’t avoid TV entirely in the name of studying)

    * Please keep yourself away from cellphones/ messages/ internet (Especially Y!A.. LOL)

    Hope that the above will help!!

  2. actually we have the same predicament when i was still in college….i feel sleepy when i’m alone, so i go where there are people, and study. it sounds weird but i can concentrate more if there are people around, the place may not be exactly quiet. what about music? i used to have a radio at hand playing rock or loud music, the volume is low of course. why not give it a go…