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While on the way to spot a friend of mine at the local YMCA, he asked why I didn't just join the gym and I explained to him that I practice Yoga and occasional calisthenics at home for my exercises and really didn't feel the need for a gym membership. His response was predictable: "Yoga...isn't that just stretching?" I smirked at the familiarity of the question and proceeded to explain to him the theme of this article. As I told him and for those who may not know otherwise: No, Yoga is way more than just stretching or getting into supposedly awkward looking poses and positions. It is a combination of stretching, breathing exercises, meditation and perhaps the most overlooked limb, adherence to a proper diet. The word yoga, from the Sanskrit word yuj means to yoke or bind and is often interpreted as a "union" or a method of discipline. Its ultimate goal is the union of man with God or the universe in one breath. Furthermore, it aims to liberate the spirit as the mind and spirit are equally involved in its practice. Yoga is indeed the oldest existing physical-culture system in the world. Besides being a systematic and scientifically proven path to attaining physical fitness, it delays aging, rejuvenates and improves one's appearance, maintains suppleness and increases vitality and the creative part of life. With its core warm-up exercises known as the Sun Salutations (which are somewhat similar to the calisthenics exercise known as �burpees'), the inversion poses, forward and backward bending poses, balancing exercises for the arms and building focus, the average practitioner will attest to the fact that for attaining fitness, Yoga can stand its own. Think Yoga can't help with building strength? Think again. Heck, I challenge the most adept body-builder to hold the simple yet powerful peacock-pose for 90 seconds straight. Bet you they'd crash half-way in its execution-if they make it that far. Yoga also offers unique breathing exercises which are wonderful for patients with respiratory disorders and even singers and public speakers, moreover with its unique relaxation pose, oft times practiced during and after its execution, Yoga offers a systematic means of deeply relaxing the entire body perhaps the way no other exercise can. (Keep in mind of course that several of the poses give a deep body massage not unlike the ones received in salons�just thought I should throw that in.) With countless books, DVD's, videos and classes being offered for all ages, levels of fitness and experience (some of them being actually free for the first couple of lessons to try Yoga out), I suggest you give it a trial and see for yourself what it can do. One thing I promise you is this; you will walk out of your class and nod in agreement that indeed: "yoga is way more than just stretching." It is THE exercise.
Yoga By Equinox
Eager to master the arm balance? Equinox's Briohny Smyth shows there's no limit to what the artfully honed yoga body can do. Another Briohny Smyth yoga video... Video Rating: 4 / 5 Boring day. Video Rating: 5 / 5
Yoga Tips   walk your hands in to deepen urdhava dhanurasana
Christina Sell teaches tips and techniques to during an Asana Junkies practice at BFree Yoga in Austin, Texas. For more information go to www.livethelightofy...
Q&A: Yoga at home?
by amyjirsa_yogini Question by Temp: Yoga at home? I'm interested in doing Yoga but am a cheap ass and don't want to pay for classes. They are expensive! Was wondering if I would get the same benefits by using a Yoga DVD at home. What are some good ones? Thanks a bunch for any info. Oh, and also what's with the Yoga mats? Could I just use a soft blanket or what? Thanks. One more thing--I'm a beginner at Yoga but am in good physical shape and workout throughout the week. Thanks again. Best answer: Answer by yoginigirlsYoga classes can be expensive but if you're just starting out they are worth the investment. In a class you'll have an instructor who can make sure you're moving in a way that is safe and beneficial for your body. They'll be able to adjust your poses and show you modifications as you start out. If you really want to start with a DVD, Rodney Yee and Baron Baptiste are really well-respected instructors in the industry. As for yoga mats, they're important because they keep your body stable. If you use a blanket, you'll lose stability because your hands could slip and/or the blanket could slide on the floor and you could fall. When you start getting sweaty, a good sticky mat will keep your hands and feet in place. Even if you're in great shape, yoga requires your body to move in ways it doesn't normally so do try to take a class so you'll have good instruction. Good luck! Give your answer to this question below!
Q&A: I need tips/encouragement for taking a yoga class.?
by masayukionishi Question by Jayyyy: I need tips/encouragement for taking a yoga class.? I have always wanted to try a yoga class. I am overweight and not in good shape but I hear it's a great workout. I also have a lot of problems with stress so friends and family have been urging me to try it. I belong to 24 Hour Fitness but I am still very hesitant. What do I wear? Do I go barefoot? Are people going to be looking at me because I can't do any of the poses? Am I going to be the biggest one in the class? Do I bring my own mat? If so, where do I buy one? Best answer: Answer by Rare SpiritYou should wear something loose on your thighs and hips like shorts, any kind, and a T-shirt of any kind. No polos. If you become too hot you can take your shirt off. You should take off your shoes when you enter the studio. Yoga is always done barefoot. No one will look at you if you cant do any of the poses as people who do yoga are generally non-judgmental. Typically the instructor will assist your form. Yoga encourages going at your own pace and allows you to modify the poses to your ability. You will be surprised to find that you will not be the only "big" one there. You can bring your own mat, but some studios can provide you with one. You can buy one at Sports Authority and at The North Face Store. I suggest you bring a towel as you will sweat and you mat will become slippery. What do you think? Answer below!
Yoga Yoga yoga!?
Question by Heafelomins: Yoga Yoga yoga!? Well I have for some unknown reason develop a fear for some Asanas...because I am practically afraid of breaking my bones...Like for example the head Asanas where all your weight goes to your head or the one where your legs go over your head...I am basically afraid of loosing balance and breaking something even if I am with my teacher!!! Any one had something similar? Any way to overcome this? I think I am just going to give it a go and maybe with time and by becoming used to the new Asanas it will get better...Also I have realized that I have no strength in my arms...some arm asanas are just impossible! Any tips? any arm strengthening exercises? Best answer: Answer by GypsyWhen practicing yoga it is important to remember that one will only do what our body is capable of doing, as time goes by from experience our body gains more flexibility and the ability to practice a posture becomes easier. Strength, it is a also matter of time and practice. Add your own answer in the comments!
Yoga Tips with Christina Sell – ekahasta bhujasana
Christina Sell teaches tips and techniques to do ekahasta bhujasana during an Asana Junkies practice at BFree Yoga in Austin, Texas. For more information go ... Video Rating: 5 / 5 Christina Sell teaches tips and techniques to stablize top shoulder in visvamitrasana during an Asana Junkies practice at BFree Yoga in Austin, Texas. For mo... Video Rating: 5 / 5
AntiGravity Yoga Technique and Impressive Poses
Certified AntiGravity Yoga Instructor Shana Troy demonstrates some fun and challenging moves using the AntiGravity Hammock for Subs... Video Rating: 4 / 5
Any tips on how to maintain balance while doing yoga?
Question by Dragonfly ♥: Any tips on how to maintain balance while doing yoga? I've been doing Bikram Yoga for almost a week now, and can pull off most of the maneuvers with relative ease. My limbs are quite flexible and I can bend and twist and braid them around my body as required. My only downfall is balance! I find it incredibly hard to stand on one leg without wobbling around and flailing my arms about, let alone twist myself into an asana all the while! I've tried concentrating my attention on one spot in front of me, but it's of little help. It's really quite embarrassing how bad I am at balancing, so I would love some ideas on how I can improve this aspect. Best answer: Answer by Hotwings1practice Give your answer to this question below!
Q&A: Simple yoga mat ?
Question by justanotherfreak: Simple yoga mat ? I'm about to start practicing yoga.. What is needed for a simple/cheap yoga mat ? Any other tips or advice ? some type of alternative .. Best answer: Answer by ajanderson1978It you have a Target near you right now they have some exercise stuff in their bargan dollar area and they have some yoga mats there for $ 2.50. Otherwise if you have Freecycle in your area put in a request for a yoga mat. Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!