Bikram Yoga

Nikki and Michelle tried out a yoga class with a difference- trying out the lotus position in 105F!
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25 Responses to “Bikram Yoga”

  1. This video was staged or done in a normal-temp environment. By the time they are doing the locust @ 2:40, every body should be drenched in sweat two times over and no dry hair or makeup would be present.

  2. She’s fine. And if she gave me the chance I would wax that ass.

  3. 2:09 And then you stopped lifting altogether.

  4. students of all levels can be in the front row! if anything, she can recieve more pointers from the instructors

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  6. did you know that pigs don’t sweat? 😉

  7. You know I was pactice Yoga for 6 Years..You have right I can’t look and I don´t want to look into someone’s mind. I did not don’t judge others it is only my notice or observation.Mik

  8. I completely disagree with you. I definitely don’t do bikram yoga to “look sexy”. you can’t look into someone’s mind and know what they want from something. Maybe bikram isn’t for you, but don’t judge others.

  9. Yeah lol you just try sitting there for the full 90 lol lol Pretty much impossible I’m sure
    Bikram Hot Yoga Rocks (º_-_|m/ “contract the thigh, lock your knee, lock your knee, lock your knee – last chance… ” ha ha ha

  10. Yikes. Don’t wear makeup during Bikram. That’s disgusting.

  11. I bet it smells like pussy in there after awhile….the smell of fish in the morning

  12. I noticed the exact same thing. Totally devoid of the original intent of yoga which is profoundly spiritual. All of this is just to look better.

  13. i hate how a spiritual practice has been reduced into series of callanthetics with this guy shouting out instructions. 

  14. My goodness the absolute most makeup you should wear to Bikram yoga is maybe a little mascara. It gets so hot and sweaty you’re going to have melty makeup at the end…gross

  15. That’s my Bikram teacher!!

  16. that womans make up will melt off in that heat.

  17. That’s not true. The main reason I love Bikram yoga is that it requires much concentration and I just don’t think about anything because I don’t have the time, the strenght and it’s just awesome to be able to spend 90 minutes without my thoughts and worries and problems 🙂

  18. Richard is one of the best bikram yoga teachers i’ve met. should teach here in vienna where i am ; )
    @AxePittbull: in two years i’ve only once seen a person leave the room during class.. don’t push yourself too far so your huffing and puffing and if you feel dizzy or sick – just sit or lie down and breathe. try to avoid drinking too much during the class coz that makes you feel sick.

  19. Whats with the make up

  20. too bad for the teacher, (who I think knows what he is doing), because the “model” (most shots at this video) over there with the blond hair and make up did all the postures wrong, not bad, coz a beginner could do them badly but WRONG! People might think the teacher does not do a good job……

  21. this not real yoga for me there is not spirituality inside it, if I look the faces i see only the wish to be powerfull, looking nice and sexy…not more… is is a sport not more..

  22. Bikram Yoga in England…fantastic! Does anybody teach classes here in Rhode Island? I’m home schooling myself from the book. Thanks to the teacher for his comments very encouraging and enthusiastic. Experiences similar to mine. I’m questioning going back to other forms of fitness. All so inferior to Yoga sweeping range of values!

  23. Yes, be prepared and have some willpower / determination to stay in the room!!!

  24. Break the wrist, walk away. (If you catch that reference…)

  25. my god how you’re trying to sell it!