Beginners Yoga Sales Part 2: Relaxing leg strength and balance routine Home Fitness Training


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  2. Maaaybe I could do with the belt after a few injections of morphine

  3. Lol dog

  4. I do not think how you can balance like that with no shaking or instability.

  5. thx u so much .. you make it so easy and I appreciate this VDO so ^ __ ^

  6. Psychetruth, I understand that there is a boom in yoga happens in the moment. And now all associated with well-being is a message and yoga. My question is, what about Tai Chi? Is there a Tai Chi instructor maybe we can learn Tai Chi? If this is the case, it would be great because it has many of the same principles as yoga, but it is a little different in nature.

  7. Me neither, I did not even hang on to something for balance. I think yoga is good for health and calm people I am certainly not one of them 🙁

  8. Good performance. Really relaxing

  9. Thank you – that was great!

  10. It was very cool.Mollie is a great instructor and this is something I could try to incorporate into my life. This chili is perfect music. I Mollies bookmark site to check at some point, but I am sure it is out of my area. This dog was completely self-confidence and very chill itslef. I think they did what was previously an update on why he was there. It makes sense that she could have moved before the camera started, but he was willing perfect prop and loved the connection.

  11. I can not even notice my right leg like this: (

  12. No coincidence that we see a dog in this video. Dogs are amazing companions, and I’m sure she has a stress-free environment.

  13. The dog performs the best yoga exercise called NAP

  14. I think it is a testament to how calming and relaxing, it is just to be around Mollie. I tried to put her out, but she barked to come, she went right on the mat and sat down. 🙂

  15. Mollie, there is no way I could never balance on one leg like that! Amazing!

  16. Great video.

  17. Omg why the dog at your feet! You can walk on it and break your neck! 1!

  18. The dog dies?

  19. * Tai Chi sorry

  20. Great video I like Ti Chi

  21. wow shes steady

  22. It is so compelling that I want to try yoga.

  23. you like vinyl!

  24. Great video for the beginner.