Basic Yoga Poses for Beginners finds out some basic Yoga poses for beginners looking to get started in this great workout. Subscribe to our new dedicated WatchMojo…

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13 Responses to “Basic Yoga Poses for Beginners”

  1. Mystogan Edolas November 3, 2013 at 2:37 am

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  2. I think I’m in love…

  3. You can pause it.

  4. standing camel toes?

  5. Hell yeah doggy style pose aka crouching tiger, who’s your daddy

  6. Cat pose? Round these parts we call that doggy style.

  7. mirror effect from 00:05 to 00:15

  8. Well explained!

  9. Way too fast.

  10. phony

  11. nice vid, Ive never seen yoga that I thought I could do.

  12. Ohh thanks! I wanted to see where the arms came to on the back during the camel pose,I have a YogaZone dvd which is great,but it didnt show the back during the camel pose,so I was a little off on it,thank you so much!……the rest was great too!

  13. mmmmmmmmmmmm!