ashtanga yoga demo

ashtanga yoga demo of steven green shot on location in india.
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The Ashtanga Primary Series

Allow your worries to dissolve and stress to dissipate through moving meditation. This is the first of two classes Adi will teach in sequence to cover the Primary Series of Ashtanga yoga.

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  1. CHECK IT OUT!!! “Big Bang Theory – No Regrets”

  2. Le première fois quand je l’ai vu c’étais 2006. C’est mon rêve.

  3. Whenever I face a hostile day or weekend I turn to this video, it brings some peace to my mind. Thank you for posting it up.

  4. People, Stop this demonic Masquerade… Yoga is demonic, this meditation is demonic, stop this Circus ! Open your life to JESUS CHRIST, start a personal relationship with JESUS CHRIST and you will be saved ! JESUS CHRIST SAVES – GET SAVED NOW

  5. Wonderful

  6. i keep coming back to this – it is my yogic inspiration. i’ve watched it many times. thank you.  x

  7. Wow , great flexibility , difficult to attain , keep it up

  8. One of the best yoga vids I’ve seen.

  9. Centuries old, yoga can help build strength and flexibility, while decreasing stress. It also promotes a balance between the mind, body, and spirit. Yoga is a great way to help lower high blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing rate. No one is too old for yoga. No one is too young.

  10. I wouldn’t advise anyone to get involved in yoga..
    Its from eastern mystic hindu religion, involving spiritual practices.

  11. I spy with my little eye a MONKEY!

  12. He moving effortless like water

  13. Wow . He moving effortless like water

  14. XxTrIcKsHoTeRxX October 1, 2012 at 2:02 am

    I like indian food

  15. thanks. you know we just met recently in austin at your castle hill workshop. small world 🙂

  16. This is a great clip 🙂 Love the scenes all around India!

  17. indian huh me too indian

  18. C’est la détente !! J’adore la musique Indoue !! Et on peut apercevoir un monkey à 0:32 !! OLALAH !!!!!

  19. He is inspiring

  20. The man, through meditation and concentration of the body and mind, can come to feel
    the magical dimension of life. It ‘important to the guidance of a teacher, but also the place where this activity of meditation is performed
    “There are places in the world, where prodigious and astonishing truths that scientists will discover only in the distant future, are already in front of us! They look us in the eye!”

  21. Oh my God i wanna teach this guy the Rubber Guard!!

  22. Damn he’s flexible!

  23. Gerard van Reekum October 1, 2012 at 6:06 am


  24. Mi sembra guardando certi passaggi che riesca a volare…e vorrei essere cosi ‘ in armonia e perfezione.m.

  25. Do it every day ….. makes me feel great !

  26. By far the best ashtanga practice on youtube. Really like the teacher! and that there are other students, also beautiful setting!

  27. Loved it :)

  28. Thank you for the lesson


  29. I’ve started to notice this more and more as I practice, and I’ve been practicing daily for 3 years now. But the instructor is very tense in her shoulders, the other two girls seem much more relaxed and their shoulders are not as tense.

  30. Where was the video shot?

  31. yes.

  32. Very nice but the breath count is rather uneven. Anything from 3 to 15 seconds for and in or ex-hale.WhenI teach, I reckon 4 seconds is about right, and the instructions fit to this rhythm of the breath. If I don’t lead with an even breath count, then I can hardly sound credible when I tell my students that smooth, deep, EVEN breath is fundamental to the ashtanga vinyasa yoga system.

  33. what do you mean gaze down at the tip of the nose?? I get criss eyed?! Is that correct?

  34. I’d do any of em.

  35. This was a wonderful class and she is a wonderful instructor. I would love another with the full series of Ashtanga, if possible, but this is awesome in every way.

  36. Really love these videos, what beautiful surroundings! Is there any way to buy a copy on dvd?

  37. Thanks a lot Yoga Today and Adi, I really love this video and find it very well done. I appreciate the excellent detail in describing the subtleties of some of the positions, and mentioning modifications for beginners who are still building up to holding the final pose. Excellent job.

  38. Hahahha “maybe even smile… thats more advanced” great video though

  39. good dvd. “innhill, axehill”

  40. Thanks for the great video, it is very good to hear the breathing counts and other instructions during the moves.

  41. awesome video

  42. Great video of the primary series

  43. This video is remarkable; listening to Adi call the name of the pose and then as the class moves through the poses she describes the movements needed to accomplish the pose, it becomes at times like a melodious chant.