Ashtanga Yoga Demo with Kino MacGregor in Vancouver, Canada Part One Arm Balances and Hip Opening

This is a demo that I did at Semperviva in Vancouver, Canada at the end of March 2012. I arrived in the late afternoon after a full day of travel, the class started at 7:30 PM and with a three hour time difference I’m amazed I was even still awake let alone about to do a yoga demo! Key words: Kino Yoga Ashtanga Yoga Flow Hip vinyasa Hatha power demo handstand Canada Vancouver backbends arm balance Mysore Fitness Sports Meditation Equinox “Equinox Yoga” Health Exercise Gym Gymnastics Contortion KinoYoga

2007/10/18 open again!

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49 Responses to “Ashtanga Yoga Demo with Kino MacGregor in Vancouver, Canada Part One Arm Balances and Hip Opening”

  1. Well the best place to start is with the Sun Salutations ­čÖé Check out some videos on the Sun Salutation / Surya Namaskara on my channel.´╗┐

  2. How´╗┐ would i even get started doing this

  3. Thanks´╗┐ for watching!!

  4. Amazing as usual kino!´╗┐ You’re technique is impeccable – movement meditation

  5. That’s awesome! Go for´╗┐ it ­čÖé

  6. omg´╗┐ you are amazing and a new inspiration and role model to me. Iv been into yoga for about 3 years now and I really want to be a yoga instructor <3

  7. Thanks´╗┐ for watching!!

  8. Kino you show us what is possible.. that´╗┐ is great!

  9. @kino´╗┐ . Amazing pose..u really inspired me.thanx alot…when will I can do tat pose !! ­čÖé

  10. Thanks for watching!!!´╗┐

  11. wow… awesome´╗┐

  12. Nice demo,´╗┐ kino, could you guide on the sequence of the yoga workouts ? thanks

  13. When will you be in Los´╗┐ Angeles

  14. How humble of you to reply to me and request I recently found a local yogi thx again and keep those videos coming you´╗┐ are inspiring

  15. I’d definitely consider it,´╗┐ thanks for watching!!

  16. This is´╗┐ amazing! Truly inspiring. You should consider adding music to to the video. Possibly something from Liquid Mind.

  17. You would definitely want to take some kind of intensive course that gives you the basics in the style of yoga that you are most practicing.´╗┐ Perhaps most important is to definitely choose a style of yoga and then go as deeply as possible into that. I would consider mentoring, but it might also be a good idea to find a local teacher near where you live so that you could apprentice in person.

  18. I have been practicing yoga for a few months and want to practice to become an instructor
    What would u recommend I do to launch my part time´╗┐ career in spreading this great practice to others. Btw you are inspiring and a great teacher can u mentor me:^)?

  19. Hot! Love to´╗┐ bang her.

  20. Thanks for watching!!´╗┐

  21. Kino you are very´╗┐ amazing and this set you showed is inspiring. thank you

  22. Keep´╗┐ practicing!

  23. What lack of sleep? :O)
    Amazing,´╗┐ is all I can say.
    Getting there, little by little.
    Practice, practice, practice! :O)

  24. Muchas gracias.´╗┐

  25. Is this the true meaning´╗┐ of yoga or just a circus?

  26. Beautiful demonstration of´╗┐ Ashtanga. Thank you for sharing.

  27. Wow.. This is´╗┐ almost non human… Amazing…

  28. Even though your comment is a´╗┐ year old you are so correct…he came to our studio and I learned a great deal from David…I was a paying student well worth his teaching. Brian Kest is another teacher of Ashtanga Yoga…I loved his class…and Eric Shaffer and Yoga With Olga…

  29. What do you mean….other limbs? David is demostrating Ashtanga Yoga. He came to our class and we all joined in with him while he was teaching. He would stop´╗┐ and correct a pose…I could not stand on my head and he showed me how to cup my hands it was then very simple and hear him breathing…Yoga

  30. loveisthelaw20042004 October 22, 2012 at 10:42 am

    The problem is in that he´╗┐ is displaying asana, that is it. Nothing more. Then it creates a rather false belief that asana is yoga. Its not. Where are the other limbs?

  31. No, I thought you to be sincere. There is plenty of room for improvement:) ´╗┐

  32. I wasn’t´╗┐ being sarcastic, if that’s what you meant..?
    What this guy is capable of doing, is pretty damn impressive — that should be obvious enough to anyone who watches this vid. (:

  33. Eric Shaffer who teaches Hathia yoga for Ali McGraw is also a good teacher the young and old show´╗┐ how you can care for your mind and body and Brain Kest Ashtanga yoga is very good teachers, as well.

  34. yes he is a teacher showing is students what to expect in class…I don’t see´╗┐ where the ego comes into play. He dint learn is over night and you are healthy if you have an ego you are not healthy.

  35. People who find yoga a´╗┐ circus go find a gym simewhere.

  36. You’re so worng.There is nothing about David that is ego. He is working every part of his body not harm to mysel fppl who make comments like you and I mean no disrespect Know nothing about Yoga.David’s a masterat yoga´╗┐ as is one wit a degree in Martia Arts. You can do is. Pictures being snapped aren’t for David’s ego. They’re being shown what class is in store for them. Also those taking pictures may take it as a never seen photo shoot yoga style,,,This is a daily routine for David.

  37. You’re so worng. There is nothing about David that is ego. He is working his mind his body all all organs with no harm to myself…people who make comments like you and I mean no disrespect no nothing about Yoga…David is a master at yoga as is someone with a black belt in Martial Arts. You can do it. Pictures being snappped are because it’s something they don’t fully understand or see that offened. It’s like a photo shoot yoga style for others to see. This is a´╗┐ daily routine for him.

  38. ohhhh wait are you joking? Sme people make fun of yoga but I´╗┐ didn’t feel that from you…was I wrong ot right?

  39. that’s funny most people don’t understand yoga and most of the poses he’s doing I know and my class knows he came to our class in Las Vegas once. but it is strange to watch and If you go to a yoga class and your teacher doesn’t show you how to breathe properly. The beginners can get hurt showing breathing skill’s corrctly David show’s you how and you can get through one of these routine’s breathing correctly..slowing at first due to the lack of usage of´╗┐ your body..Brain Kest is another favorite

  40. O_O

    Well… I see now that there’s still plenty room for improvement in my yoga routine.´╗┐ ­čśÇ

  41. This is awesome… It would be awesome if I could do those moves someday´╗┐ ^^ Yoga is totally awesome.

  42. OMG, he is´╗┐ so so great ,i hope some day do it

  43. No he can’t. Don’t´╗┐ be silly.

  44. I can´╗┐ do that, but I don’t want to

  45. anacristina1974 October 22, 2012 at 5:44 pm

    Just mute´╗┐ it and learn

  46. PowerYogaOttawa October 22, 2012 at 6:31 pm

    I wouldn’t call it ego, David Swenson is actually an incredibly humble dude. Just admire what is possible with egoless dedication… Ironically, those quick to criticize what they do not understand often have the hardest battle to fight with ego.´╗┐

  47. loveisthelaw20042004 October 22, 2012 at 7:23 pm

    total fucking circus. which is´╗┐ what most of pop yoga is.

  48. loveisthelaw20042004 October 22, 2012 at 7:32 pm

    im sure mr swenson loves the pics. otherwise he wouldnt allow it. its a performance. pure´╗┐ ego.

  49. Wow! Hope he’s never incarcerated and´╗┐ this video is leaked to the population.