Are there any yoga moves that can help to clear up stuffy noses?

Question by Jargon: Are there any yoga moves that can help to clear up stuffy noses?
My brother often has a stuffy nose, the doctor said it’s due to allergies but we’ve tried medicines and they haven’t been working. I was wondering if there are any yoga moves that can help with stuffy noses. If there are could you please name some? Instructions would be nice if they can be provided also.

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Answer by Sub_Genius42
I don’t know of any yoga moves, specifically, though you might try down dog or anything that puts the head lower than the heart.
What I do know is I have allergies and nose problems all the time too. When my nose is stuffy I press my tongue hard against the roof of my mouth and pinch the bridge of my nose for as long as I can then let go. Do that a few times.
A neti pot helps rinse allergens out of the nose.
epinephrine nasal spray will open it up fast but it can be habit forming so I only use it if it’s driving me crazy at night.
He should drink lots of water, too.

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    check this site.
    neti kriya is very helpful in this case.
    it desensitizes the nostril passages and clears it, believe me i had the same problem, have been doing this kriya for the past 2 months n have never been better.
    U can also try Pranayama, very effective

  2. Dances with Buddha January 22, 2013 at 10:58 pm

    I agree with Sub_Genius42.

    My main teacher always said inversions were good for colds/congestion; just don’t expect it to relieve the congestion immediately.
    An inversion pose doesn’t have to be headstand, shoulder-stand, plow pose, etc.
    As Sub_Genius said, any pose that puts your heart lower than your head is an inversion, so technically yes, Downward Dog is an inversion.

    And yes, staying well hydrated is important because it helps the body’s systems flow easier.
    When you get “dried out”, it’s that much harder for kidneys/liver, etc, to filter blood and ultimately eliminate waste products.