7 weeks to 100 pushups: 15 Different Types Of Push-Up Exercises

I have been practicing out of 7 weeks to a 100 pushups lately and I wanted to show you some of the great exercise in the book . I really hope you find this video helpful and that you enjoy it . Have a beautiful day and Namaste
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Alan Watts talks about different types of yoga. The most interesting part starts at 3:10.

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  1. you are very welcome

  2. doodoodoodadadadoo January 12, 2013 at 9:57 pm

    Thank you!

  3. i did ashtanga yoga for 15 months about 3 hours a day and combined it with some kung fu tai chi style flows that i had done for 2 years , i added some pilaties and . to be honest i found cc by accident , but i am working on some flows i will post shortly . thank you so much for watching. if you want to see some of my yoga stuff go to some of the very first videos or better the first video I posted . please tell me what you think .

  4. not really , they just wanted to give different push-up ideas

  5. does that book require you to buy all that equipment?

  6. Nice video. I found your channel about the same time I damaged my rotator cuff. You’re keeping me eager to get back into it. What’s your yoga background like? I like the CC stuff, and I’d be really interested to see yoga workouts that you have found that compliment the exercises you show.

  7. No problem!

  8. maybe a little bit late but… soundtrack from the Brave heart, with Mel Gibson

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    maybe I’m dead – maybe I’m king …

  10. What’s the song name?

  11. Heard this before, but not with this beautiful music and scenery accompanying it. Great message from Mr Watts again. Thankyou so much. =)