2007 Bikram Yoga championships Amsterdam

Beautiful demonstration by Esak Garcia, 2005 Bishnu Ghosh Cup World Champion
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24 Responses to “2007 Bikram Yoga championships Amsterdam”

  1. Giuliano Mattazzi January 1, 2013 at 12:35 pm


  2. Good poses, n really well performed, but again, this idea of competition is bullshit, I’m an Indian, n I do practise yoga, I haven’t seen.any competition yet!!

  3. What’s the name of this piece of music? It’s so calming and beautiful…

  4. muy ilustrativos muy profecionales

  5. that is absolutely amazing

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  7. Bigdaddyadvertising January 1, 2013 at 3:54 pm

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  8. Cool

  9. Michiel Schutte January 1, 2013 at 5:23 pm

    Grenzen zitten in je hoofd…

  10. Do you understand what it means by saying outer appearance, inner emptiness? Return to emptiness.


  12. Yoga competition sounds totally ridiculous to me as the other said outer appearance inner emptiness this not the heart of yoga this is a stretching competition!

  13. secutorclaudius January 1, 2013 at 8:15 pm

    aah, back when i was about 160 lbs i could do pretty much all these. but after years of heavy lifting (245 lbs now), i can barely touch my hands behind my back!

  14. Some of these movements are seen in gymnastics.

  15. Well one has the right to voice what the believe yoga is, and that is what it is to them. What yoga was for Swami Pantanjali isn’t what yoga is it is what it is to Swami Pantanjali and nothing more.

  16. antoninprochazka January 1, 2013 at 10:26 pm

    Bikram fits so well in a time of importance for outer apearance and inner emptyness. Bravo to the winner of this beautiful championship.

  17. The gentleman is amazing. His asanas are beautiful to watch. But there is something very wrong about a yoga competition. Ooohs and aahs from the crowd, people snapping pictures – just isn’t yoga anymore. If you want to be on a stage and compete, become a gymnast.

  18. lenig ofzo?

  19. agreed, obviously there are requirments for postures and if can reach maximum degree then let us marvel at the human body, people are not so foolish to equate flexibilty with enlightenment and liberation, thanks for posting this nice video after all with so much pornography and violence and video games on computers let us enjoy satvic music and movements

  20. it would be rather better to judge how the ego was when he was pronounced the winner to see if one gets puffed up or not. it is better not to make a negative out of a positive though, i mean by saying this if one person gets inspired by a yoga clip to dealve more deeply and understand that flexibility dosent mean one will achieve liberation.

  21. Very good bending of the limbs indeed! But I do not agree with competition for these kind of things. Especially not if it’s put on display asif for visual pleasure of spectator. It’s very ‘Western’ to mainly focus on the physical aspect of yoga and give most respect to who can bend body the most. Which doesn’t mean that the person on display is or is not practising it well, who knows:) But it’s always OK, to disagree ofcourse!

  22. Wow– beautifully done. The world is big enough for everyone. Can we appreciate another’s practice without being so judgmental?
    Obviously, great care has been taken to achieve these asanas. Lets celebrate!!!!

  23. คุณพระคุณเจัา เทพมั่กๆ !

  24. concentration, dedication…..Respect!